Become a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE Foundation Member and I'll Personally Coach You Every Week
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What is Freedom Lifestyle Personal Coaching?
Ambitious Entrepreneurs, Freedom Seekers, and Peak Performers Only...
  •  Do you want to design a life pioneered by your purpose? That means living a life truly doing what you love while being on purpose and inspired from within?
  •  Are you confused from people giving advice on health that leaves you procrastinating? Let me guide you each step of the way. You'll also get to my 10-Day Detox by Design program and all my Nutrition Plans, Fitness Plans And Recipes, for FREE
  • Do you want to surround yourself with supportive and positive minded entrepreneurs who are taking massive action on their goals and dreams every week? 
  •  Do you want to learn the latest blueprint to start and scale a successful business? (You get unlimited access to my program Business Success Automation included in your membership! 
  • I'm Dr Espen Hjalmby. Ever since I broke my legs and almost died back in 2006 I have had such a passion for peak performance in both life and business because it lets me live life on my terms. People and companies pay me high consulting and speaking fees, but I want these tools to be available for everyone. 
  • That is WHY I put this coaching program together as a way to give back to my community at a very fair price. I want you to feel like you are getting 10x on every dollar you spend with me.
  •  As A Foundation Member You'll Get:
  •  Weekly Live Zoom Coaching Call With Me
  •  Double Entry Into Our Competition To Have Your Own Hero’s Journey Video Produced by The Dr Espen Videography Team! (Example - See Dr My Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2 Audition video here) (Value $2995) 
  •  Unlimited Access To My Business Success Automation Program Including 60 + Page Manual and 40 + Live Video Tutorials On How To Launch, Scale AND Automate The Business Of Your Dreams! (Don't pay $1350) 
  •  Unlimited Access To My 10-Day Detox by Design Program (Don’t pay $97) 
  •  Unlimited Facebook Coaching Support 
  •  An Opportunity To Pick Up The Tools To Be Transformed To Design The Life And Business You Have Always Wanted! 
  • * No Lock In Contract
  • * No Hidden Fees
  • * Simply A Monthly Subscription To Life-Changing Resources, Programs And Coaching!
Freedom Lifestyle Coaching could be exactly what you are looking for...
1. Each week you'll be invited to a private and live web conference that I host...
Each week will be jam-packed with 2 high-level strategies that is working best for me right now in business (1) and in life (2). The tools will always be current, simple to apply an powerful - I will basically hold nothing back because when you win, I win!

This is not theory, fluff, or ideas that I think may work, these are ROI tools for life and business that stand the test of time.

You will learn the behind the scenes ideas and strategies that my team and I use on a daily basis to generate lifestyle freedom and multiple 7-figures in sales per year. 

And it's not boring recycled business and life coaching, these are the exact tools I have used to get on national TV and magazines as an elite Ninja Warrior athlete and go-to health coach, how we've got endorsement deals, publicity, social influence, and lots of sales with very satisfied clients! 

I try to keep things as simple as possible and focus on taking small but powerful steps each week for you to transform your life, step by step! I don't like to waste time trying things that don't work, and I want you to do the same. 

Why? So that you can use your business as a vehicle to live life on your terms and spend your time making an impact on as many people as possible. 

As an example, here are a few of the past topics covered:
  •  Blueprint Program On How To Create Business Success Automation
  •  How To Craft (AND ACTUALLY LIVE) A Life By Your Design
  •  How To Get Healthy And Stay Healthy
  •  How to Find Your Purpose And Start Leaving A Legacy
  •  How to Get Your Message Across And Be Heard Successfully
  •  Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants With The Accountability To Get Things DONE
  •  Personal Development Mind-hacks To Leave Your Old Self Behind!
And we have tons of resources to help you achieve business growth in 2018.

The goal is to leave you with two high-level strategies you can take action on and implement over the next 7 days. 

As a Freedom Lifestyle member, you'll receive access to a members area with unlimited support from myself and my couches. Here you will also find resources and downloads related to the training - including meal plans, fitness plans, fast track formulas, spiritual guides, guided meditations mind and body hacks and more!

The last thing you need is outdated programs and trying to figure out why things don't match up, or leaving you confused as to what and how to go about it any more.

Jump on the weekly call, download your resource, follow each steps, break through and celebrate a new and better you, each week!
2. After the call, you will get live and interactive coaching support from my team and I...
This is where I DELIVER YOU THE ACCOUNTABILITY YOU NEED to not just learn, but implement the tools to change your life and business.

Sometimes it's great to have someone with experience who you can talk through your idea to gain clarity. Or to notice your blind spot that is holding you back from making progress on a goal. 

In our coaching support, my team and I will guide you through what were working on so everyone in the group can benefit. Or you can just sit back and learn through the coaching on screen or audio. 

Some members find this to be the most useful piece to sit back and watch people get coaching. Through it, they learn how to solve their own problems. 

Either way, my team and I are here to support you and help you break through when you are stuck.
3. You'll get unlimited access to my online programs (Normally $1447) AND the Coaching and Support to empower your life with these tools!
The exact tools I used to build four 7-figure businesses in 6 years
What I've learned from interviewing many successful millionaires, is that you become like the people you are surrounded by
I have the privilege of being a Coach for some of the world's best Coaches!
We've assembled an incredible group of Leaders, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Side-Hustlers in our online community.  

People check into our private Facebook group daily to ask questions, get feedback on an idea, share wins and resources, and to network with like-minded people. 

Your industry or level of success does not matter. 

What I teach can be applied at any level in business and in life. What will differ is the results that can be attained from the teachings. 

The diversity of the group (from millionaires and doctors to mothers with their side hustle) brings such valuable and differing perspective that only enhances what I teach. 

What we have in common is one sole focus... 

To take massive action on our goals and dreams so you can positively impact as many people as possible. 

This is not a place for takers, complainers, or people with a negative mindset. 

But, I understand you will run into challenges. That is part of the journey. And when you do, the community has your back to help you elevate your game, and so do I!
If I Can Go From From 2 Broken Legs To The Top Of The Warped Wall, I Wonder What You Can Do...
Before DR ESPEN HJALMBY became famous for doing the splits on top of the warped wall as a Australian Ninja Warrior finalist in 2018 he was already well know as a life and business coach that was teaching his clients the same tools he used himself to overcome a lot more than just Ninja obstacles in his life...
From finding his little brother Kevin passed away in his room when he was young, to breaking both his legs and almost dying from a hospital infection in 2006 to struggling with the embarrassment of a learning disability as well as failing in business twice, Dr Espen's story is the perfect example of how anybody can overcome the obstacles in their life (no matter how big) and achieve greatness - and so can you!

Fast forward a few years, and Dr Espen is the founder of the biggest Hot Yoga and multidisciplinary wellness centers in Australasia, the CEO of Dr Espen Enterprises - a company with high-level qualified life coaches with clients in over 12 countries, as well as a health and fitness icon across the world.

Dr Espen's is a Freedom Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Peak Performance Business Coach and Keynote Speaker and his signature program 7 Days To Ninja Your Life (previously sold for $505) went viral across the world when Espen decided that Transformation Education should be affordable for everyone! Now he's taking things to the next level...

Welcome Freedom Lifestyle Coaching!

So, What Dreams Are You Working Towards?
Join Freedom Lifestyle Coaching now and you will get the training, coaching, online programs and community that will support you in getting to the next level in life, business and $$$.

I do this because I love it. 

* What do you want to create?  
* What is the big goal you have been sitting on?
* Do you want to impact more people?
* Do you want to give back?
* How much income do you want in exchange for your services?

Do you feel like if you had the Freedom Lifestyle Coaching Community and myself on your side, that you could get there faster? 

If so, you need to immediately get around the right people and start taking massive action like those in our community...
What If The Top Was Actually The Bottom Of Your Potential..?
With the training, coaching, community, all the assets and resources, you are getting over $2,500 in value the first month alone.

But, to prove to you how much I believe in this program, I want to incentive you to take action right now.  

That way you can try it, join the coaching session, download your resources and simply opt out if you don't like it.

* No Lock In Contract
* No Hidden Fees
* Simply A Monthly Subscription To Life-Changing Resources, Programs And Coaching!
A Tool That Has Saved Me Thousands Of Hours Of Procrastination and Frustration -
Get My Fast Track Formula As A Gift When You Sign Up Today!
$97 Monthly. No Contracts or Monthly Commitments. Cancel Anytime with 30 Day Notice.
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